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Meditation: Do Wonders with a Free Mind

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Meditation: Is it the real deal? In our house, my family will tease me when I tell them I am going to meditate. Their Line is, "oh, dad is going to take a nap". I am here to defend my non-napiness and encourage the art of #meditation.

Did I just say #napiness?

Meditation has been growing steadily in popularity over the last two decades. There are still those, my family included, who dismiss the practice. Some would call it a waste of time, I am here to tell you to waste not, want not a gang!

Meditation is so much more than just sitting around dozing. Please realize that a small 10 to 15 minutes practice of meditation can do us all a world of good for our #health, both mentally and physically. Isn't that why the cell phone alarm was invented?

Meditation has been described as a state of awareness, not an act of doing, by It may look simple. Take it from me, with a little practice it can be the most freeing of mindfulness exercises. As says, "Meditation is a state of profound deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet completely alert".

It works!

Meditation is all about the act of letting go and giving yourself a few moments of inner peace. It offers a balancing point, freedom from the daily busyness and stressors that define living in the 21st century. Supporting optimal health, it has been shown to have a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Increasing alpha, theta, and delta #brain waves can increase productivity, relaxation, and creativity

  • Seventy-five percent of long-term insomniacs trained in meditation can fall asleep within twenty minutes.

  • Meditation reportedly can boost the immune system

  • Meditation may slow the aging process

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