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3 Tips to help you get through the Cold Months

It's easier to get through the dreary winter months with a positive mindset. A few years ago, I incorporated a countdown to spring to help me through it. The countdown starts on January 1. Colder months can definitely wear you down, however, we must find ways to get through it.

Here is what works for me:


This winter, save electricity and an expanding waistline by heating your body up naturally with a workout. The rise in your body temperature, during a workout, has a soothing, calming effect on your body. A daily workout can give you a break from the daily grind and ease depression. In fact, incorporating 45 minutes of physical activity in the day could change your whole #outlook on winter!


Incorporate a daily affirmation into your morning routine. This daily practice helps to keep you aware of your daily thoughts and words, reducing the risk of letting negativity seep in.


I always feel relaxed when drinking a hot cup of tea. This winter, try different teas and try adding fresh #lemon and honey. Here are a couple of my favorites and their benefits:

Chamomile tea is a natural #stress reliever. Drinking it on a daily basis can be very helpful.

Peppermint tea is a natural source of energy, just the smell of #peppermint is a stimulant awakening the senses and help you focus.

I hope you find my winter motivators helpful and I encourage you to incorporate some of your own.

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