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How to Give Yourself a Green Workout.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As the population becomes more environmentally conscious, we are seeking ways to make their #exercise routine more eco-friendly without dependency on massive amounts of energy or shiny manufactured equipment.

If you're a gym lover, be sure to look for one with eco-friendly qualities, bring a reusable water bottle, and set the treadmill to a higher incline so it uses less energy. Some gyms have linked into the power system grid with their stationary #bicycles and actually put pedal-power to great use! But what if you're looking to reduce your personal carbon footprint a bit more?

Could it be any easier than bringing your work out outdoors?

Some exercises just feel better outside - bicycling or running are great examples - especially when the alternative is a cold and lonely #cardio machine.

Exchange your treadmill television watching for 45 minutes of taking a pedal around your neighborhood and you'll love how that fresh air feels, circulating around your body.

If you're not a runner or don't have a bike, just go for a brisk walk. It's low impact but increases your heart rate, and it's a great way to keep in touch with friends without consuming extra calories during a happy hour stint. Add a daily walk to your lunch hour, carpool to the grocery store, ride your bike to work, take up hiking, or #gardening - any of these activities can have you feeling fit and toned without the investment of a gym.

What clothing is best for green #workouts? You want pieces that won't leave you soaking in sweat - which means moisture-wicking fabrics that help wetness evaporate quickly. You also don't want tops or pants that are too baggy or loose; they let sweat collect on your skin. #Organic cotton isn't as good at moisture-wicking as bamboo, but the processing is more environmentally-friendly; the best fabrics are man-made and have synthetic qualities. Great base layers from brands like #Smartwool and #Patagonia are available online.



Cari Draft is an ACE- Certified Personal Trainer who makes "house calls" and is also the owner & founder of ECOTrek Fitness, the original outdoor group workouts in West Michigan.

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