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MUSCLE AFTER 40: It's important to keep strong as you age.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

It is not uncommon as we age to begin to think there is no longer value in building muscle. If our goal is no longer the once desired beach body, we may begin to think moving around is enough activity for us; as long as we get our 10000 steps. As we progress through life from birth to our 30s we naturally gain lean body mass which provides stability to our joints, a boost in #metabolism, as well as increasing balance. We can add to this natural growth of our lean body mass by incorporating different styles of resistance training.

Once we reach our 30s and our hormone levels begin to change we naturally lose muscle mass that once was easy to maintain. Individuals who are inactive in their 40s and beyond can lose as much as 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass each decade, meaning we can lose balance, joint stability, and suffer from decreased energy and metabolic function.

Beyond our 40s, we need to focus on continued resistance training to ensure that we do not lose muscle mass.

Whether we are using free weights to help increase the resistance and workload on our bodies with movements such as bent over row, chest press, squats, or #lunges, or performing #bodyweight movements such as push-ups, body squats, or pull-ups will add to muscle hypertrophy.

An increase in resistance training will rev up metabolism helping to burn more #calories throughout the day and increasing energy levels. The more we can work towards building muscle, the better off we will be while reaching those golden years of our lives to help keep us moving and doing the things we love.


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