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KEEP THE BODY GUESSING: It is time for a change in your routine.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

You have decided to start your fitness journey, congratulations! But, where do you start? Or maybe you have been on your fitness journey for a year and saw results when you first began but then they started to dwindle.


When starting a workout regimen it is always smart to start with steady-state training to get a base before moving into heavier lifting and interval training.

Though, what some find is they stay in that state and don't change their workout which later results in not seeing results which then leads to frustration.

Many love a fitness routine because they know what to expect and it works in their bust schedule, but what you want to avoid is becoming stagnant with that #routine. When your routine becomes stagnant such as working out arms Monday, legs Wednesday, and cardio Friday your body is no longer challenged after six months.

Every few months you want to evaluate what motivates you and what your goals are. When making a plan to meet those goals you want to be sure to hit four key areas so your body is worked to its full potential including aerobic, #fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and #flexibility.

You want to keep your body guessing. Some ideas to get all four areas into your #workout routine can be by working out with a friend, personal training, buddy training, small group training, trying a new class such as HIIT, Suspension Training, POUND, Yoga, or Cycling.

It allows you to learn new moves and experience something that you may have never expected.

It allows you to meet new people and develop new goals and work on new muscle groups that may have been forgotten in your old routine.

After you change your plan and start to see those changes you will become more confident in yourself and start to believe anything is possible. You can see your body becoming leaner, faster, and stronger and because of this, you will develop new goals which will change your workout routine in another three to six months.

You should find your exercise routine continuously challenging, if not then it is time for a change in your routine.

Exercise should never get easier. In fact, you should continue to push yourself to achieve your goals.



Paige Finney is the membership and corporate wellness director at the Downtown Wellness Center YMCA.

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