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How to make Your Workout more Interesting

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When did working out become this dreadful exercise in mandatory usefulness? Perhaps it is the constant bombardment of information that screams at all of us from the internet, gizmos, training regimens, clubs, fads, you name it. Overwhelming is an understatement! Excessive information is overloading and confusing, so let's step back for a second and re-evaluate.

Let us put "play" back into #fitness. Let us find our "flow"- a mental space where we close ourselves within the moment. Losing the objective can actually be beneficial to us all. Goals are relevant and important; however, what if I told you that finding the fun and the flow can make the goals easier and #healthier?

If I told you that being sore after a workout could be avoided, would you be more likely to train again? Of course, you would, that is the point. I do not want to be sore, EVER! I want our activities that promote movement, 'that are fun, to become addictive.

Natural strength, work ethic power, becoming "Farmer Strong". Farmers acquire strength holistically; modern women and men do not. The workouts in farming involve many things; they are an all-day affair, engaging in functionality and sound routines (movement specific), work. It is tough for a non-farmer to duplicate this intense #lifestyle, however having fun and deriving joy, balance, and loving life from working out is the plan.

Reaching a state of 'flow' is the objective, not just dropping 20 lbs.

Think all day, functional.

PR's (personal records) or AMRAP's (as many reps as possible) are not the answer. Take the steady volume with lower intensity to stay injury-free and functionally active.

Be "Farmer Strong" by

  • "Never going" over a 70% max

  • Think "playful training"

  • Never "under-rest and over-train"

  • Embrace body-weight exercises

You know, farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you're a thousand miles from the cornfield - Dwight D. Eisenhower
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