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WORKOUT: Spring is always a great time to get outside.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The best part of spring is finally getting outside to work out. Whether you are #running, or in my case cycling, that fresh air feels great. Plus being able to get off a machine and actually move is very exciting. I can only watch so many DVDs before I'm ready to pull out my hair. The worst part of spring for cyclists, at least for me, is finding all the gear that was stored at the end of last year's cycling season.

If you're organized and took the time to clean your bike, wash your clothes (including your gloves), and wipe the grime and salt from your helmet before putting everything away neatly, you should be good to go.

If you're like me, it's going to take a good hour to locate your gear. Every year I tell myself to get organized, but I know there's pair of gloves on one shelf, my shoes are under a table, and the helmet - who knows where that is now! There's also that small bit of worry that the cycling shorts and jersey won't fit as they did in August. Luckily they are spandex and designed to stretch, but still...

I do know, once I find my gear, it's going to take about 10 minutes to marvel at how grungy it's become over the winter and to debate whether it's worth slipping it on as is, or should I take some time to do a quick wash. Dried sweat turns those nice, soft gloves into the cardboard.

The lure to be outside always won, and let's be honest: Those first outings are often rough. It takes a while to get those cycling, or running legs, into outdoor shape. I'll be worried about that burn more than how grimy my gloves are.

The good news is that there are plenty of events awaiting any level of #athlete, so it's a good investment to find your gear and get it ready. In this issue, we have a pretty nice list of cycling events that range from road races and tours to mountain bike #racing.

While you're waiting for those gloves to wash and dry. Get a good stretch before cycling, know what knee pain means and learn how to chase those winter blues away.

Let's be honest: Spring is always a great time to get outside, whether you have grimy or clean gear. And following the winter we just had, any spring day and gear in any condition should be celebrated.

Enjoy the spring!

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