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How Salad can Help Improve Health

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

If you're looking for a way to add fiber, vegetables, and fruit to your #diet, eat more salads. Experts say that if you can incorporate salads into your diet, it may be one of the healthiest habits you can adopt. Mark Sprinkel, owner of #LeafSalad Bar, in East Lansing, said that the shift in thinking led him to open the restaurant.

"This town desperately needs a healthy alternative to food on the go", Sprinkel said. The market is shifting towards healthier choices and living in all aspects, Sprinkel also owns Showroom Shine in East Lansing.

Eating salads can help with digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and prevent constipation. Salads also give you an opportunity to add healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid the high-calorie dressings, add some grilled chicken and you may just have a perfect meal. Portions of salads are also important. Many people like to eat a small salad before a meal to help curb appetite, thus leading to fewer #calories during the main course.

If you choose to have a salad as a main course, take advantage of as many fresh #vegetables as you can. Avoid too much cheese, add some nuts and keep your dressing on the side, dipping your fork into it when you need to add the flavor.

If you're unsure of what to put on a salad, Sprinkel suggests asking an expert.

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